Teacher Refresher Course at ClubClass Malta


Strategic partnership


Project code: 2015-1-EE01-KA202-013482


Teacher Refresher Course

Clubclass Malta

2 teachers from the Estonian Massage and Therapy School, Tallinn, Estonia thoroughly enjoyed the Teacher Refresher and Methodology programme that they attended at Clubclass Malta.  This programme is intended for non-native English teachers who would like to refresh their own English language skills, be introduced to new methodologies and experience different approaches to English language teaching.


During this training the 2 Estonian teachers acquired new creative ideas to engage motivation in the classroom, experienced innovative teaching methods and enhanced their professional knowledge.


The teachers were also given the opportunity to do some teaching practice in a classroom.  This gave them the chance to plan a lesson using a teaching approach that had been learned during the course, that they believed would actively engage and motivate the students.







Tailor-Made Course at Clubclass London


Strategic partnership


Project code: 2015-1-EE01-KA202-013482


Tailor-Made Course at Clubclass London



Two massage students and two massage teachers from the Estonian Massage and Therapy School, Tallinn, Estonia went in 2016 to Clubclass London to attend a special tailor-made course.

During this professional English language training they acquired new ideas, experienced innovative and interactive teaching methods, including Task-Based Learning and Dogme Language Teaching.  They also enhanced their professional knowledge.



The students particularly liked Task-Based Learning which they felt was ideal for their specific needs.  Task Based language teaching, according to Jane Willis, is an approach that offers an alternative for language teachers. In a task-based lesson the teacher doesn’t pre-determine what language will be studied, the lesson is based around the completion of a central task and the language studied is determined by what happens as the students complete it.


Upon their return to Estonia, the massage therapists have started to incorporate the innovative teaching methods that they studied at Clubclass London into their own courses for massage therapy students studying at their school.


An Information Day was also held in Tallinn, Estonia to inform all Estonian massage therapists about the exciting new e-learning programme that is being put together as part of this project.  An Estonian IT support company has been selected to implement the portal.

Euroopa Komisjon toetab Eesti Massaaži- ja Teraapiakooli õpirändeid Euroopasse

Tuginedes ekspertide hinnangutele ja Erasmus+ programmi hindamiskomisjoni ettepanekule toetab Euroopa Komisjon Eesti Massaaži- ja Teraapiakooli õpirände projekte aastatel 2014-2016, 2015-2017 ja 2016-2018

Õpilaste õpiränded 2015:

Aprill  – Itaalia füsioteraapikeskus Fisiomed

Mai  -Malta The Riviera Resort and Spa

Juuli – Inglismaa hotell Holiday Inn

Juuli-oktoober – Küpros Callisto Holiday Village

August  Saksamaa- ITMS Thai Massage School

September 2015- Hispaania – Paniselo Ilukeskus Valencias

Oktoober 2015 – Portugal – Barcelose füsioteraapia keskus- Fisipadrão

Õpiränded olid peamiselt kahenädalased.  Küprose õpiränded olid 1 kuu ja 3 kuud

Õpilaste õpiränded 2016:

Kahenädalased õpiränded 12 õpilasele:

Märts 2016Malta – 2 õpilast spamassaažipraktikale Riviera Resort & Spa Cirkewwas

Aprill/Mai 2016 Malta – 1 õpilane rehabilitatsioonikeskusesse Inspire (3 nädalat)

August 2016 –  2 õpilast Inglismaale, Portsmouthi Champneys and Langstone Hotelli või Portsmouthi rehabilitatsioonikeskusesse

September 2016 –2 õpilast Hispaaniasse Valenciasse Paniselo Ilukeskusesse

Oktoober 2016- 2 õpilast Portugali Barcelose füsioteraapia keskuses- Fisipadrão

Oktoober 2016– 2 õpilast Belgiasse hariduskeskusesse CVO ISBO  salongi ja spa praktikale